To Yoga in India?

The new husband is a big yoga buff. We're traveling to the homeland of yoga and unlike similar institutions in California or Ibiza, yoga ashrams can be amazing and affordable in India. Where do I begin with research? We fly into Delhi and I certainly want to visit Rishikesh, which, it seems, is both a hill station and spiritual home for Hindus. it's also a great launch pad for adventure travel in India and... yoga! Apparently it's known as the yoga capital of the world. And, for Beatle buffs out there, this is where the fab four met the Maharishi and began their love affair with transcendental meditation.

So... research thus far has unearthed a few promising ashrams, including Parmarth Niketan, Bharat Heritage Services, Braham Yoga... then there's the decision about what sort of yoga to do?!

Image Courtesy of Yogatic.