New EU-wide organic standard

The Soil Association has just announced the creation of a new common EU-wide standard for organic health and beauty. This is a landmark move in the industury. Previously in Europe, health and beauty brands did not require organic certification before retailing their products as such, a regulation that was reserved specifically for food and drink.

The new COSMOS-standard can be used and applied for by all certification bodies starting 30 September 2009 and was created with the participation of all 6 European organic certification organisations (including The Soil Association, BDIH (Germany), BIOFORUM (Belgium), COSMEBIO & ECOCERT (France), and ICEA (Italy)) and also covers regulation of 'natural' cosmetics, which has never been done before. There is a 3-year transition period for brands that need to change labels and formulas, and any new brands will have to adhere to new regulations effective immediately.

You can access information about this new organic health and beauty standard at