Back to blogging...

And... we're back. It's been a few months since my last post, with a wedding now behind me and a new road ahead... literally (I am travelling around the world). I've finally found the time to fit blogging into my so-called new life. Since last blogging, so much has happened in the world of beauty and my perspective on it. Home House was just in Hello! with a full page on Anastasia Achilleos talking about the launch of their new spa (tweeted about here first), complete with Australian brand Kussh and American brand Dr. Alkaitis (a personal favourite). The Dorchester Spa is open for business. Dolce & Gabbana is now a player in the big bad world of makeup. Helena Christensen is the newest model to dabble in the world of celebrity skincare. Kate Moss has loaned her face to yet another fragrance and her name to the first of what I bet will be more than one ghost-written bio.. Another season of beach body bulls***t articles and magazines have hit shelves alongside perennial guides to the art of self-tanning. Christmas-in-July press days have just gone and, well, even with all that passing, we're still here. Thank god. To say the least, the landscape has completely changed, as it seems to do every quarter in this industry, making the pace cut-throat so that taking a break is a sometimes career-retarding move.

You can't imagine the horror of a journalist and blogger having to stop work (and industry research) for more than a few hours let alone weeks and months! It's a non-stop job and somewhere out there will always exist a younger, fresher set of hands willing to spend the time at the keyboard that you're no longer willing to.

Were all those niggly negative thoughts about being out of touch in the lightspeed world of beauty true? Nah. Stepping back for a while, the cyclical nature of the beast has exposed itself and given me permission to exhale.

Plus, bowing out of the world of product launches and structured, corporate-led beauty has opened my eyes to all sorts of other beautyscapes on this, our rough and tumble honeymoon, whether it be independent brands with shops hidden away down industrial corridors in the heart of Milan (how I heart you, L'Erbolario) or fresh coconut water cut open with a machete right from the roadside on Bora Bora. I thought I had a fair grasp on the world of beauty from my perch in London but it turns out that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

It's been a fruitful break.

This blog will always feature the latest and greatest, in my opinion, in the beauty world but it'll have even more of an international bend than it did before (catch more of my travel-beauty hybrid musings at Beauty Woo Me... travelogue to be posted shortly). And the speed of posts might not be so... frantic. For now. I rather like my bum the way it is after two months of camping and am in no real hurry to set it back on track to be as wide as my desk chair.

Now that we're back, here's what's to come: posts on going makeup free (for weeks at a time. I will never give up my maquillage but it's a fun experiment nonetheless and useless when sans mirror), interviews with some beauty bright spots and a round up of some of the best beauty finds from Italy and Switzerland. Remember... slowly, slowly for now.

Stay tuned and thanks, readers, for following my often-times tangential musings on the world of beauty and otherwise. Ciao for now.