Content Beauty/Wellbeing

Everybody should visit Content Beauty/Wellbeing's website. They've re-done it (not that it wasn't great before as well) and I find it to be an veritable aladdin's cave of beauty and wellness info. Spent hours on it the other week (when I was paying 4 quid an hour for internet in Moshi. It's clearly a good time if I'm paid that rate to simply read!).

Anyway, just a reminder that the site is there and amazing. You can still browse by category (and shop the good stuff) via the top navigation, but the content has been split up into beauty and wellness. You can shop by ethos (vegan skincare your thing... or perhaps carbon neutral) and there's a knowledge section with good links for your own research... then there's the magazine. It's just chocka with good stuff, like your skincare should be.

Dive in and enjoy. It's a great way to spend a few minutes at lunch, so do!