Liberty and Target... bedfellows?

Yes, yes, I know... it might be just a touch too early in the new PW (post-wedding) blogging phase to be going on such a tangent, but I just can't resist. WWD reported this morning that there are talks of a 'collaboration' between the shoppe and shop. Whether it's Target (oh, beloved Tar-jaaay and your amazing cosmetics department, how I've missed you on these latest travels) entering Liberty or Liberty entering the US market via Target's Go International collection, I'm game to see what comes next. To be honest, the latter seems more likely an outcome to me... I can just see it now. Liberty print smock tops. Or, maybe not. I'm not sure the Ra-ra prints would be all that successful in middle America unless marketed to OAPers with a nostalgic bend. Itty bitty Liberty-print bikinis would have been a runaway success. Maybe day planners and accessories as well. Ooooh, or cosmetics and bath goodies. Liberty print lipstick cases and compacts. Adorable. Tres Paul & Joe... Anyway, I'm now digressing on my digression.

If Liberty, in some shape or form, makes itself available to me when I am stuck in Chicago, I'll be pretty pleased no matter what that form might take - even giant Liberty print knickers would put a smile on my face mid-way through a frosty midwestern winter (fingers crossed I suffer no such fate for even a day).