From Moshi, Tanzania

It's been nearly a month and a half since the last post in this space but with good reason... internet in the rest of the world is slooooooow compared to what we've gotten used to in the UK and US. Seriously. I couldn't even load my blogging platform in some countries because the average speed was 2kb/sec.

In any event, we're back to blogging and have two months of drafts backlogged for both and so stay tuned.

Our travels have taken us to the top of the Alps (literally) and under the sea... from the back seat of an auto rickshaw during the Indian Monsoon to the seaside in Italy. There's plenty to be relived here, on the virutal pages of my travel diary.

Plus, the beauty finds have been endless. I mourn the fact that many don't make it home with me (damn airline weight restrictions). On that note, friends, I bid adieu.