Tracey Malone launches The Lubatti Collection skincare

Sister to Jo Malone, Tracey Malone is launching skincare range The Lubatti Collection in Space NK next month in both the US and UK. Sadly, as I'm on the road (just arrived in Tanzania this morning) there'll be no trialling it for me for now.

However, here are the details. Apparently mummy Malone trained with Madame Lubatti and Tracey, who has been a facialist for 25 years, learned Madame Lubatti's secret recipes, which she's been using on her 'society' client list (undisclosed in the press release). Until now. 17 no-longer-secret skincare recipes will be launched into the public realm this September.

The theme behind the range: 'keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised'. Not to be super nit-picky but, that, one would believe, is the reason for most skincare ranges, or at least on of the primary reasons (along with secondary and tertiary purposes, of course... certainly no-one wants to dry out their skin with products... people with oily skin desire moisture, we even want our soap to moisturise). Of course, there are rogue drying potions meant to sit just atop a spot, but, other than that, the Tao of Moisture is pretty much the bedrock for skincare in my mind (especially as moisture plumps and plumping fills wrinkles which, in turn, makes people look younger... which is supposed to be what we strive for, right, like Madonna's New New Face?!).

The range features The White Cleansing Cream (Almond & Vitamin E), The Clear Skin Tonic (Rose), Gorgeous Day Moisturiser with Orange & Jojoba, Gorgeous Day Moisturiser with Honey & Almond, Dreamy Night Cream with Mango & Avocado, Body Lotions and Bath Oils in Tuberose & Mimosa, Wild Violet, Bergamot & Grapefruit and Scented Rose, A Sparkling Eye Gel infused with Aloe Vera & Green Tea Extract, The Day & Night Face Gel with Evening Primrose, Aloe Vera & Rose, Luxurious Hand Cream with Vitamin E & Calendula and An Essential Anti-Cellulite Oil... for now no ingredient lists have been included with the press release.

I am excited to try the range but find myself questioning a few blank spots if information too. Being a beauty writer for some years now, I feel like a right boob for not having heard of Tracey Malone (or if I have, I don't remember, which is quite possible). I've sniffed out all the facialists, therapists et al in the UK and most major American cities. I read the beauty directory Allure like a bible. I'm familiar with the names of women who administer treatments to just the select few in their front rooms. I've visited the parlors of those who I consider society facialists like Sarah Chapman. Where has this woman been hiding?

It doesn't hurt that sister Jo is big time and that there seems to be a bit of a Lauder-style in the Malone clan. Perhaps the limelight just wasn't for her until now, like the less-attractive Kardashians or the absent Osborne sister.

I could speculate away but that's not the point. For now, just know there's a launch to watch out for... more information is forthcoming.

The Lubatti Collection will be available at Space NK and at