3floz.com launches site for travel-friendly beauty products

NYLON Magazine put me onto this one... 3floz.com. It's a new website that sells beauty and grooming products in TSA-approved sizes (meaning less than 100ml/3.3oz) so you don't have to worry that a surly airport security guard with make you part with your favourite cream ever again.

3floz.com also seems to be marketing itself as a sample site, with the strapline reading 'For those who travel, those who are curious and those who can't commit'. Great idea. Honestly, the site's like an e-shop for all the little bits you nick from a hotel, BUT instead of it being generic products you don't like, they happen to stock the brands (or will be soon. They have a good mix, although not exhaustive, right now) you like to use. And you can purchase them individually or in kits, which answers all the skeptics out there saying 'why can't I just buy a trial-sized kit from a brand'? Buy Philip B. shampoos and conditioners, Ole Henriksen skincare, Go Smile whitening products and a Dr. Haushcka Daily Body Kit if you fancy it. No need to stick to one brand.

Personally, I'm a bit of a travel beauty DIYer, so would probably use this site to sate my curiosity instead of buying things solely for travel. My DIY tricks? I save empty bottles from hotel products. After washing them out, I peel off the labels and scrub away any residual glue. Then I take my full-sized products of choice and decant them into the various bottles (being as, yes, anal as I am, generally I need identical bottles and, thus, horde ones from the same hotel over and over). Then I use a sharpie to label each bottle. Beautifully simple, organised and chock full of all my favourite products in a size that I can carry onto a plane (I hate checking baggage).

But back to the point... these clever girls have found a gap in the beauty market and seized it, which is great for you beauty philanderers, newbies or too-busy-to-DIY. Check it out now at 3floz.com