5 WAYS TO | Barre workouts

  1. THE DAILEY METHOD | Just a few years old, this barre class combines the best of Pilates, ballet and yoga. It's all about the C curve (pulling your belly button into your spine and contracting those core muscles) and tiny movements for maximum impact... this hour-long class that will have your muscles quivering and heart pounding.
  2. BAR METHOD | Great for posture, crazy strong muscles and a rather good aerobic workout. Isolated movements make you use both big and little muscle groups to do the work rather than letting momentum take charge. Similar to The Dailey Method.
  3. EXHALE | Part spa and part workout studio, Exhale is a swanky address where you can do hip thrusts and plies on your tip-toes until you can barely walk. Take yoga and core classes before a round of acupuncture... it's a one-stop wellness shop. Exhale has fabulous fitness DVDs too.
  4. PURE BARRE | More isometric goodness for the fastest muscle building this side of the river Nile... more ballet barre, stretching, contracting and laser focus to give your body an incredibly workout and to give your mind a meditative respite. Also offer fitness DVDs.
  5. LOTTE BERK METHOD | This is the daddy (more like momma) of barre method workouts. Started half a century ago in no other than fair London, the late German-born Lotte Berk whipped countless generations of women into pristine shape with the help of her iron will and riding crop. With original exercise names like F**king the Bidet, she was quite the exercise revolutionary. Stretch, shape, tone, increase stamina with the original method if you live near the Fulham Road If not, there are four fitness DVDs.