5 WAYS TO | Dry shampoo

1 | Oscar Blandi has a powder, non-aerosol version that smells of fresh lemons. The powder ingredient is rice starch instead of the traditional talc so it's finer, doesn't cake on the scalp and is better for you. Rub a bit between your fingers, rub your fingers through your roots and you're set.

2 | Psssssst! is a throwback from the 70s. An original and it's back in circulation, being sold in pocket-sized containers at checkout in drugstores in the US. We can't guarantee an ingredient list as crunchy and wholesome as some of the others on the list but if you're in a pinch, it'll do the trick.

3 | Batiste is probably the cheapest of the lot along with the resuscitated Psssssst! brand. Works a treat in an aerosol can and reminds most women of younger days. They've recently created a colour dry shampoo range that would give Bb dry shampoo a run for its money. I loved the brown one although it smelled a bit like the Ojon dry shampoo (which smells way too much like Thierry Mugler's strangler of a scent, Angel).

4 | Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo is aerosol like Bb and Batiste but feels lighter than both. It leaves your hair softer and a bit less matte than the others. Good if you're not looking for a ton of volume (which dry shampoos handsomely provide).

5 | Lulu Organics has an ingredient list that reads like a shopping list for a baking experiment. It's pretty straight forward and, as the brand implies, organic. You could probably eat it if you wanted to: organic corn starch, white clay, baking soda, organic rice powder, organic horsetail powder, organic essential oils. And it's talc free.

Others we use: Bb dry shampoo can be good if you want to brighten up your hair or hide roots because of the coloured powder. However, don't wear it if you're going to be sweating or you'll have streaks down your forehead.