A look ahead to spring 2010 beauty trends

We'll hold off until December to weigh in on how this year's trends turned out. For now, here's our round up of what you'll be buying and doing in beauty in 2010. We cover new collections, colour trends, professional trending reports and our two cents on what's going to happen in 2010. FYI: it's not an exhaustive list; it's an edit of what we think is the best of the bunch.


PASTEL (including dusty rose, lilac, sherberts and corals) - This is the top colour trend for S/S10. Lids are monochrome washes of lilac at Givenchy and MAC. Essie's Spring colour collection includes every single one of the colours above. Bobbi Brown's spring collection is called Cabana Coral, Benefit's new look eyeshadows come in a range of sage, lilac and sherbert. Of the pastels on the table, lilac is numero uno. Everyone has a lilac product launching this spring - get Revlon nail varnish if you're on a budget or NARs D.Gorgeous eyeshadow if you have change to spare. 

LILAC - Did we say lilac was a colour you would be seeing a lot of this spring? Yes, we did. And it is. So much so we thought it merited a solo mention. It's on eyes (all the Dior Boudoir shadows are some shade of lilac), lips, in iridescent powders, on nails, on packaging, in body washes... it's everywhere, which makes sense since florals and girly girls in Liberty prints are in this spring.

THE COLOUR PURPLE - Lilac is in, but so is a bold royal purple. We saw a brilliant purple polish at Givenchy, Sephora (with chunky glitter), MAC's Give Me Liberty has a reddish purple shadow, there's Eyeko Line & Shine amazingly pliable, chunky liner (I'm already using the electric purple/plum Superstar Eyes on a regular basis. It makes green eyes pop.), Stila's eyeshadow trio features a shock of royal purple... 

INDIGO - Similar to the royal purple. It's rich and will be seen on eyes and nails, particularly eyeliners (like NARs). Look for textures like Eyeko's Line and Shine - creamy and waxy. There will be no warming up the tip between your fingers to apply it.

CORAL - Michael Kors Very Hollywood for Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Guerlain, Benefit, MAC, Clinqiue et al are re-embracing the coral trend. This time, a fiery red-coral has been swapped for subdued pastel corals and peaches. 

COPPER - Metallic shades aren't huge this spring (although there'll be a resurgence of metallic finishes on nails) but copper is the one exception to that rule. It'll be on nails (like Essie The Cove Copper), pressed onto lips and worn as a colour wash on the lids. Seen at Prada A/W10 as interpreted by Pat McGrath (with a touch of burgundy), this one will leak into the collective consciousness a few months early with the likes of MAC Warm & Cozy et al.

NUDE-PUTTY - But not that matte, wan variety. It'll have texture and layers. It'll play with light to make you look radiant not just bare faced, as seen with CHANEL Les Impressions. There's grit, texture, some shine and muted putties, pinks, roses, sand and mauve. It's a lovely nude that you can wear by day and dress up by night with a bright, streamlined eyeliner. OPI, MAC, Essie, etc. all have nude colours on the block this spring. Look out for Le Vernis in Particulière and Inattendu.

COLOUR WASHES - Forget layering your colours. Spring 2010 is all about single blocks of colour wash, which is great for those of us without the touch of a professional makeup artist. On eyes, use your index finger to smear a bit of lilac from lash line to brow bone and smudge in a bit. Press a touch of liner at the base of the lashes to give it some depth and you're good to go.



ROUGE COCO - I am a lucky dog to have been given a few of these to trial before their February launch. They are absolutely lovely and come in some spectacular nude tones (not to mention a very flattering red called Cambon). The tubes are a heavy, cold metal and feel luxurious to the touch. The linked CCs are on both the inside and outside of the cap, the formula is creamy, long lasting and smells very faintly (and pleasantly) of roses and, my favourite part - the satisfying click when you snap the cap back on. It is a lipstick that Coco herself would be proud of, I have no doubt. My absolutely favourite spring launch in 2010, bar none.

BENEFIT SUGARBOMB - Benefit are trying their hand at the universally flattering blush/highlighter that has worked so well for Givenchy (prisme poudre), Guerlain (meteorites) and now Victoria Secret with Heidi Klum. And, I have to say, it works. And it'll come in mighty handy this spring when flushed cheeks are going to be in high demand and low supply after a winter spent indoors.

ELLIS FAAS - Her range is available online now but hits Liberty in February. It's the most beautiful range (both look and actual product) of makeup I've seen in ages. And it's COOL. Like really cool. Not China White or Cheryl Cole cool. Ellis is the R. E. A. L. deal. It's refreshing. She wears a worn leather belt with pockets, one of which holds a pack of Marlboro Reds, a smock and a husky voice. She towers over you with an interesting face wearing her makeup beautifully. It's made to be worn, not to wear you. I have my fingers crossed that this range lives on for a long time. 

DEEP SKINCARE - Ellis Faas is Dutch, and so is this brand (I see a trend). It has a bit of a mainstream feel (I think it's the labels; they're just a shade corporate, but the large-mouth glass bottles are GORGEOUS) but the products are pretty damn good. I like the scrubbing salts. They smell lovely and arrive in a completely novel way - dry and in a glass jar. You pour them into your hand and scrub them onto slightly damp skin. I would like to see this brand in the UK and US more this year. 

CELEBRITY SCENTS - There is a GLUT of celebrity scents launching this year. I can't be bothered to remember any of them because I wouldn't ever wear one, but just know that you will see nothing short of 12 celebrity scent launches before 2010. You have been warned.

BARE MINERALS MAKEOVER - The well-known mineral brand, fresh on UK shores, will have a new look by later this year. Look out for more unified branding and logo, fuschia and a slicker, less telly-shopping look. 

There are many more to come. In fact, EVERY brand will have launches this year. These are just the ones that I'm excited about. Evolve beauty is launching a body scrub, Caudalie has new products, Philosophy has new products, Chantecaille, By Terry, Nars, MAC, Estee Lauder, Lancome, L'Oreal, Bourjois, Rimmel et al. Lest I'm not thorough, the big ones are Michael Kors Very Hollywood for Estee Lauder, MAC Give Me Liberty (and Lady Gaga/Cindy Lauper), Lancome O Rose (and designer collaborations), Dior Boudoir, etc. More on that later in the year.



HIGH-QUALITY, MAINSTREAM ORGANIC - There will be many more wonderful and effective organic range that appeal to more than the monied yummy mummies and crunchy hippies of the world starting this year. We have Absolution, evolve beauty, nature girl and more. 

NICHE SKINCARE - Similar to above but not all have to be organic. There are smaller ranges cropping up as people peel away from corporate life for self-employment and the market calls for it.

HIGH STREET RANGES - Marks and Spencer are launching some pretty vibrant nail varnishes later this year and TopShop will be launching their highly anticipated makeup range.  We think there's be more high street collaborations as well, much like the ones we've seen with Stila, MAC and other prestige brands in recent years.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - In one sense, this is sort of budget beauty. You might pay a touch more for something, but it's because you don't mean to throw it away a week later. Investing in quality goods, even skincare, is a way of being on a budget. No more following the fads. Buy what works and buy it in bulk to save money.

MORE BEAUTY INSIDE OUT - There is going to be more focus on beauty through topical and internal means. Drinks, powders et al will promise a beauty boost (see Nescafe's new collagen boosting instant coffee, for example).



DITA VON TEESE - A book is being published with her name on it in 2010. I hope it includes a picture of her as a blonde-haired, tanned Midwestern girl (her original state of being).

LARA STONE (pictured above) - Now attached to an English man (David Walliams), the British press is going to be all over this model in 2010. Plus, she's pretty and quirky. And I love that she's not hyper girly or fake tan. She's as pale as a Dutch girl can get. Fresh out of rehab for alcohol abuse in 2009, she'll be in the public eye throughout the next year. Featured on W's cover in August.

CONTENT BEAUTY/WELLBEING - The fantastic London beauty boutique is opening a spa. We can't wait.

HEATHER MILLS - She just won't fade away. As delusional as they come, this former call girl from the North will do anything it takes to stay in the limelight. We don't recommend you 'watch' her, so to speak, but we have a nagging feeling that she will wiggle her way into prime time viewing anyway. Ick.

BURN - A lovely LA-based candle brand.



RIBBONS AND PLAITS - More girly looks for the hair this season too. Giant, chunky braids (probably helped along with extensions), cloud hair, ribbons woven in. They all speak to a sort of childish, innocent beauty. Nothing too grown up.

GRAY HAIR - The young trustifarian set in London have one defector so far (Pixie Geldof) which means there might be many a teenie bopper sporting platinum-gray hair in the year to come.

FLORAL - Everything is floral, dainty and girly this season. Paul and Joe Alice in Wonderland, the new Benefit products, MAC Give Me Liberty, Dior, Clinique, Givenchy, Guerlain. Let's just say we haven't seen a range yet that's not a throw-back to another era, when woman wore tea dresses, joined the WI en masse and made jell-o molds. We think Sofia Coppola actually caught the zeitgeist for this season years ago with her campaign for Miss Dior Cherie.  

LACE - Dior Boudoir and MAC Love Lace are all over this. Not sure who else has caught on yet but wouldn't be surprised to see it elsewhere in beauty and fashion, including MINX nail appliques and the temporary tattoos from CHANEL, launching at Selfridges in February.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Child-like, floral and fantasy. Themes seen everywhere else this spring are in full effect in Tim Burton's new film. Although we suspect, it'll be a bit darker than our real-life options.

GROWN UP GLITTER - NARs Orgasm Illuminator, Stila eyeshadow quad, Illamasqua, Sephora private label nail varnishes.... it's either chunky or a bit messy and in gritty colours. 

PATTERNED NAILS - WAH nails in East London started getting big at the end of 2009 and we'll be seeing more of them in 2010. The 1980s are still 'in' after all. And look at things like Minx nail appliques. All the rage. Look out for half moon nails too, which lilac and black - highly contrasting colours - pastels and black.

JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS - Overall, most of the promotional shots for the launches this spring look uncannily like my favourite doll from childhood - JEM! All 1980s punk with soft edges. Pastel eyes, lots of blush high on the cheeks, glitter et al. The power makeup of Working Girl is slowly fading into the rounded makeup of Barbie and JEM. 



FLAWLESS SKIN - Why? Why do you include flawless skin as a beauty trend EVER, beauty editors? It is not a trend. It is a perennial desire and goal. No one wants less than flawless skin, ever, no matter what the colour trends are. I mean, c'mon. Either you've gotten lazy or there simply isn't enough to write about.

SHINY WAVES - Not really sure how one accomplishes the wet waves. Adding shine products to straight hair that has been waved will just weigh it down. And, again, shiny hair never seems to be out of fashion, like flawless skin.

1980s - It's still here. A bit different, but here all the same. 

We're a bit busy today so this is going out sans links for now... and, we think we might try our hand at our first infographic this weekend since there is so much info here. Make it easier for you to read. In the meantime, enjoy!