A look back... favourite posts from 2009

2009 was an, erm, interesting year for me. I got engaged, made the muy prudent move to peel away from my start-up, got married, went around the world, climbed a mountain, made wine, set up home in a second city, started this site, started various other projects and have another little company in the works... it's probably been the most eventful year of this beauty blogger's life to date. Oh yes, and there was this little annoying thing called a RECESSION. Not the first in our collective lifetime, not going to be the last.

Amidst all the clamour, there was time to post and, more for myself than anyone else, I've complied a little list of my favourites from 2009. For my favourite blurbs from the last year of the first decade of the 21st century, see my list below:

January 2009

 February 2009

 March 2009

 May 2009

 August 2009

 September 2009

 October 2009

 November 2009


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