A new year, a new vintage with Michele Ouellet

The fashion world in the UK is used to seeing the same faces. Why, you wonder? Lineage, I say (but we'll leave the in-depth analysis of the UK's cult of caste to the ethnologists at UCL, shall we?). There are some (La Moss, teenage mum Jourdan Dunn (way to aid the national stats, girl... the UK's got be on top somewhere!) who don't come from the landed (or simply titled, thanks to the economy) gentry. They seem to be the exception, not the norm.

In the US, there is an equally privileged set of girls who become models, fashion designers, whatever... (If your last name is engraved on the front of a publishing house, you are not on the catwalk for any other reason). Well, fine, maybe you're a shade cuter and a sliver thinner than the average Jane, but, well, the last name doesn't hurt, does it?

Then there are those who come from money, lineage or whatever background and are actually worthy of the titles they are bestowed (and more power to this set, I say!).

This last group is where I see the young Miss Michele Ouellet fitting in. Given a winery for her 21st birthday (of sorts... more of a label but still trumps my a pint of beer), she's the face of Lorenza Rosé (her label) and cuts quite the cult figure in the model world. Bringing something of the olde worlde (i.e. Christie Brinkley/healthy/Cali, decidedly not street urchin) modeling style back, we're intrigued by the girl. And ecstatic to find someone with her fingers in a few other honey pots so far afield from the world of haute couture (variety is, after all, the spice of life, dears). So hurrah to her and keep reading for our five-minute chat with Oullette to see what has to divulge from her insider stance on the world of smoke-and-mirrors and the tools which are therein employed... and her wine. We are very curious about the wine.

BWM | What's your favourite part of the job?

MO | The travel! And the chance to wear and play in the most gorgeous clothes on earth.

BWM | What's your least favourite part of the job?

MO | The ups and downs and the fact you are often alone.

BWM | 3 desert island beauty products?

MO | Embryolisse moisturizer, Kiehl's chapstick, HUGE bottle of conditioner!

BWM | Favourite scent?

MO | I don't wear a scent, but one of my best friends wears this men's Dior and I LOVE IT. Takes me back to any fun time we've ever had when I smell it. Wouldn't dare try it myself, though... Too risky.

BWM | Current obsessions?

MO | The XX, Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, the SUN.

BWM | If I weren't a model/vintner, I would be...

MO | An archaeologist or forensic pathologist... but hopefully one that gets to solve crimes like in the movies.

BWM | Must-get beauty treatments?

MO | Massage and I LOVE hair treatments. I have such long hair that it's actually difficult to do a nice wash myself. The pros give a nice scalp massage and get all the tangles out. Manis and pedis are therapeutic after a long week too.

BWM | Save vs. splurge... which products are worth the cash, which aren't?

MO | Your everyday makeup deserves a little cash spent on it. After all, it's used daily. I usually go for a bargain on manis and pedis too because most likely my nail color will be changed the next day on a shoot and the quality is fine.

BWM | Best beauty trend this season?

MO | Clean face, smoky eye, pale lip (Isn't that every season!?). I'm also really partial to a healthy, tan, glowy natural look. ALWAYS my favorite.

BWM | Worst beauty trend this season?

MO | The eighties dramatic eye is kinda fun but I ALWAYS end up looking like a drag queen! I'm also over the bold lip color. It's not cool when every girl at the party shows up with a red lip.

BWM | Perennial beauty sin seen on the street?

MO | TOO MUCH FOUNDATION. Also that chola-style lipliner [editor's note: for UK readers, see early J-Lo or any 1990s movie about East LA]. 

BWM | Best beauty tip you've learned on the inside?

MO | eye lash curling is key! Shu Uemura makes the best one. {editor's note: Utowa make a brilliant one too (same with Illamasqua). It is the brand founded by Shu's son.]

BWM | Favourite city?

MO | Paris

BWM | Favourite beauty finds in Paris, London, New York, Milan?

MO | You pick up tricks from other girls or make-up artists which is fun! Embryolisse moisturizer is the biz favorite. I love Dermologica daily microfoliant, YSL touche eclat (my very first beauty buy!), James Brown rescue treatment for hair, the new givenchy mascara with the little ball applicator... but Maybelline Great Lash is a steal too.

BWM | Best part about growing up in Northern California?

MO | EVERYTHING! Such a nice quality of life. AMAZING food and weather and, of course, wine. It was so safe and open where I grew up, and it was fun to have that freedom as a kid.

BWM | Favourite part of wine country?

MO | St. Helena, where I'm from.

BWM | Tell us a bit about your first vintage (grape, notes, label, etc.).

MO | My mom and I started our rosé brand last year for my 21st birthday. We the brand is called Lorenza, which is my middle name, and we make true rosé (meaning the grapes are harvested exclusively for rosé and not used in any other wines). Our wine is made in the Bandol style and is very dry and light in color. We are just about to bottle our 2nd vintage and it's looking to be even better than the first! Our label is about bringing fashion, art and wine together (as cheesy as that sounds!). We chose a photo of me shot by David Mushegain and enlisted up and comers Louis and Jack Shannon to art direct and do the lettering. It's pretty wild for a wine label!

Check out our website lorenzawine.com for more info!

And I think that's a perfect ending to 2009... a bottle of wine.