"a scent by issey miyake"

If you were in high school during the mid-1990s (como yo) then your olfactory system should be intimately acquainted with original scent created by Miyake, L'eau d'Issey. It was the cologne of choice among the athlete-casanova variety, the ones who showered religiously 3x per day and saturated their skin in cologne in efforts to rid themselves of any natural odor (god forbid one's body possesses such a thing) in what they believed was a sure-fire way to win over the ladies by (from what I can tell) stunning them into a compliant stupor with cologne vapors.

I can still, clear as day, remember that fragrance era... you know, a la CKOne, the unisex, insipid (at times) perfumes that you could never, ever overdose on in the same way one did with Angel (still makes me gag) and Obsession (likewise). Perfumes: The Guide wrote some great entries for this genre, which we'll cover as soon as we get that damn book review live.

Anyway, this is Miyake's forth time around the scent block. This one is decidedly a women's scent and carries a strange name ("a scent by issey miyake") that resembles the title of a play more than a just-launched fragrance... to which I have to say thank f**k. I cannot take one more sleb scent, or otherwise, launch with some sort of sweeping, majestic name that doesn't remotely relate to the crap inside the bottle (Sean Jean et al) but rather would be more at home as an adjective on the pages of a bodice ripper.

I have yet to try it (again, on the road in remote parts of the world... not really easy to get product samples sent to Dakar) but will. And I am deadly curious to see what Luca and Tania have to say about it.

It's available at Harrod's and Issey M. boutiques right now and will be available nationwide (in the UK at least) starting early Sept.