Airbrushed finish with Temptu

Man, this would have been a great tool for that backyard wedding in May (however, I must say my Beautyblender did a fine job as well. Plus, it would have been hard to use an airbrush in the car, which is where I applied my wedding makeup). Temptu is launching an at-home version of their silver screen airbrush, AIRbrush Makeup System. No longer is the bastion of HD ready-skin a preserve for just the Hollywood elite.

Of course, there are others: SKII has its foundation, does a fine How To video with another great airbrush, if you're really crafty, you can hit the art supply store and pick up a real airbrush and just plug your makeup into that (thinning it out enough to not clog the machine is another matter...).

But Temptu might win out above the others with its supremely ergonomic design, muffled noise level and the AIR Pod foundation (12), blush (4) and highlighter. It's apparently super easy to adjust the coverage amount too, so no freaky streaky mess-ups. Plus, it's the brand that's been used behind the scenes for years, meaning it must be good. And your shiny new machine comes with a How To manual.

Temptu launches in Sephora on September 15th and hopefully it won't be too long before it hits UK shores. 

Watch Temptu here: