Another blow to the American waistline: 50oz Coca-Cola for lunch, anyone?

As I was reading Rachelblogs just a few minutes ago, I came across a short post on one of Coca-Cola's newest product roll-outs: the 90-calorie can. Yes, I realise there have been mini-cans before but they were of the short, beefy variety, as if someone just sliced off the top half of a regular can. These are distinctly different, in a good way.

However, the reason I bring up the new and well-designed (but of course... it's for a European audience) mini-Coca-Cola is because it is the antithesis to the new product they've just rolled out in the states, the cute Mini Copper to my country's hideous Hummer. Coca-Cola have launched a twin pack complete with two 50oz bottles (which you can hold like regular bottles) so you have 'ENOUGH FOR YOUR MEAL'. No, it's not a joke. I just fact checked that s**t with my own eyes, since the billboard for it is fifteen floors below me, right on my corner at Canal St and Lake St.

So, other countries get 90 calorie cans (and other perks like REAL sugar in Mexican Coca-Cola) that are beautiful enough to perhaps find a place in MoMA one day and I, in Chicago, get... 100oz of high fructose corn syrup that I can now conveniently drink straight from the bottle. Somehow, I'm not as excited by my offering. I quiver at the thought of the horrific people who participated in that US focus group.

How does this pertain to beauty? I would like to believe that's obvious... obvious in that you are at risk for type 2 diabetes and obesity and myriad PREVENTABLE conditions (which cost the unfathomably complicated healthcare system in the US so much. One LA Times blogger put annual health spending linked obesity at $147 billion) if you think throwing back 50 ounces of a soft drink at ONE MEAL is okay. Also, that Coca-Cola (as with so many other brands) have demonstrated they can make their products pretty, but they just chose not to for certain, ahem, markets.

Coca-Cola calls their cool new can 'a little happiness in a stylish new package is coming soon to your refrigerator. Coca-Cola today introduced a new 90-calorie sleek mini can to give consumers a better way to manage their calories.”

Is that what you can do with your new 50oz. bottle of diabetes juice? Manage your calories? Didn't think so.