Beautiful beauty products... & Other Stories

I have no idea how good the actual products in this range are... if the mascara flakes or stays put, if the eye pencils are hard or creamy, whatever.

What I do know is that this range is gorgeous. It has a slightly messy chic look that's hard enough to capture with clothes and fashion and nearly impossible to do with beauty products without looking tatty.


The mix of white, lucite, serif and cursive fonts with suitably smeary (and unique) shots of the product is cool. I'm a big fan of real photography on packaging when it's done right... like it is here. & Other Stories has made a mid-range, achingly hip beauty brand that, perhaps, Topshop makeup wanted to be? As much as I do like Topshop, its makeup range is sort of missing the coveted edginess I see here. It feels a bit like Benefit's slightly less twee older sister.

& Other Stores Makeup.jpg

This range doesn't. Probably because it's been designed by teams in Paris and Stockholm. Now that I think of it, it does feel very French, doesn't it?


& Other Stories is a subsidiary of H&M, so not some indie cool company, but still pretty cool, mainstream brand or not. They also sell other brands that you might have seen in so-hip-it-hurts places like Colette... Uslu et al. 

Beauty is just one of the categories of merchandise made and sold by & Other Stories

Currently they're only in Europe.