Beautiful idea and website - About Great People Magazine

Sometimes in life we get bored and uninspired. We accept the status quo without so much as a lifted eyebrow. It was with such a wizened creative wick that I happened upon a site that's the perfect pile of kindling to re-ignite anyone's creative spirit (and just in time, let me tell you). 

To be fair, I met the founder of this online magazine as well, which greatly (as it should) informs my opinion of the site. He is a ball of kinetic positive energy and enthusiastic curiosity, which is reflected in About Great People. He and this site are quite the antithesis of the daily dose of superficial Schadenfreude we all seem to seek in the red tops, the weekly glossies, etc., sneaking peeks of cellulite and botched surgery, private heartache and personal turmoil exposed. Swap out the cultural roadkill for a story on a knitting collective in New York or an interview with an eco-friendly, ethical condom manufacturer. Feeling a bit less one-dimensional already, aren't we? 

It's not just the content that's fantastic (if adorably translated, peppered with little language foibles here and there). The format is totally innovative. The sleek, beautiful cover leads to a minimal index. Click on an article and you're taken to a very clean, readable format with completely new, but intuitive, pagination and copy and images in digestible, design-led layouts. 

If you're looking for something to inspire and beautify you from the inside out, this is a great place to start. Brand spanking new, it's only going to get better.

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