Beauty giveaway: Ormonde Jayne Essential Bathing Oil

WHAT | 3 lucky Beauty Woo Me readers will receive a bottle of Essential Bathing Oil (n the scent of your choosing: Orris Noir, Champaca, Osmanthus, Tolu, Ta’if, Ormonde Woman, Frangipani or Sampaquita) from the luxurious, quintessentially London perfumer Ormonde Jayne.

HOW | It's a free prize draw! Simply enter your email and name HEREhit submit et... voila! You are entered for a chance to win one of 3 prizes. There's nothing to it (and we aren't sharing your information with any third parties). Naughty or nice? No matter... Only luck matters in this festive giveaway!

DEADLINE | Prize draw closes December 14, 2009. Winners will be emailed directly by December 15, 2009.

WHY | Beauty Woo Me and Ormonde Jayne simply want start the festive season started off right... with beautiful fragrance, plump skin and a warm bath.


The Beauty Woo Me edit from Ormonde Jayne |  Frangipani (no brainer), Ormonde Woman (with black hemlock, this is as exotic and femme fatale as a fragrance can possibly be) and Orris Noir... we've been known to leave the house swathed in a gentle cloud of Zizan or Ormonde Man from time to time as well.