BEAUTY OP-ED | Do salon names bother you?


THEY. RILE. me. 

Mind, not all of them. Just the really SHIT ones... the puns.

Why, people?

Basically, a business owner decides a hair-related pun is super clever and, like, totally new and fresh.


Surely you've all cringed at the sight of a salon called something like Hair Apparent or Mane Appeal?

Thought so.

My personal favourite is when said owner decides on a generic name/phrase that's been intentionally misspelled to make them standout.

It worked for Spanx. It ain't working for the neighborhood salon.

Nail Tyme isn't any more appealing to me than Nail Time. On the contrary.

I would blame THIS EVIL WEBSITE if I thought anyone used it. Holy shit, it's awful. Or wonderful. Wonderfully awful?

Better even than the name suggestions is the story after the fold. Pure gold, that.

What's the worst you've seen?