Bobbi's take on the Ivy League look

In what I assume is an homage to all things Back To School, Bobbi Brown has a series of videos on her website on how to wear her new Ivy League Collection. Um... I don't know many girls who looked liked this within the walls of Yale (maybe it was different with the rest of the Ancient Eight) in my day, although I sure would have been happy for said tutorials. For the most part, pajamas and jeans seemed to reign in the fashion department, Allure was the scent du jour wafting from the residential colleges and, well, what I thought was primping, prepping and proper makeup application then is a far cry from what I now know it is. Skill with cosmetics paired with the confidence to work them seems to elude most women in America until at least their late twenties. British girls rock looks that we could only dream of. I know, being a US transplant in the UK.

Oh, how I wish I had the skills and the wherewithal to pull it off back then. Had I only know that a brow pencil could transform my face or that a smoky eye could be mastered by lay people (given enough practice). Of course, there were the few (the happy few...) who rocked distinct, pulled together looks, but they were the exception not the rule. One wore brilliant coral lipstick, even at 10pm on a coffee break from the Stacks. Another always seemed to have kohl-rimmed eyes, which made her look exotic, like she came straight from the pages of a glossy. Others were thin in a way with which my field hockey-playing, Midwestern sensibilities were unfamiliar (I now know that's called genetics and, sadly, sometimes an eating disorder). And of course there are the slebs, like Emma Watson et al, who decamp to Ivy campuses, upping the glamour quotient.

Back then, Bourjois was the most exotic brand I could afford, and I greedily bought it up at Corte Ingles in Madrid on study abroad, carting it back to New Haven, where all but the mascara and blush would eventually sit and languish in my top drawer. Perhaps, the collection is an homage to the many girls at the Ivies who can afford designer makeup at the age of 18? That's a thought... hell, if I could've, I would've.

Bobbi, where were you and your wonderful tips in 1998!? In any event, if you happen to have a blazer and feel like rocking the preppy look, Bobbi's new Ivy League collection should make you look like a smouldering hot yet squeaky clean, lacrosse-playing co-ed... something as rare as a sighting of Nessie (kidding)...

Learn the Ivy League look by Bobbi Brown