Cool correspondence with Snow & Graham

If you're not in the habit of sending hand-written notes and thank you cards, now is the time to start. It's a habit that will never do you wrong. I have not a single doubt that all of the men and women to whom we look for advice on living, alive or not (Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn et al), were die-hard thank you noters.

Nowadays, it's the perfect way to slice right through the white noise and electronic haze we live in, thumping us right back down in reality, where people actively create REAL, tangible things for other people. A thank you note is a wonderful way to reconnect on a human level and let someone know you truly appreciate what they've done. How much more thoughtful is an envelope in the letterbox than a beep on the mobile alerting you to a text message? Loads more, that's how much.

In that vein, I am constantly looking out for new paper goods. There's an entire desk in my house dedicated to notes, boxes of miscellaneous stationery bits, old letterheads I've found at second-hand stores and estate sales, hand-torn cards and all sorts of crafting goodies (for when I can muster the mental fortitude and 30 minutes required to handcraft something mi mismo). I've had love affairs with Billet Doux, Liberty, Hazlitz, Wren Press, Paper Source, Papyrus, Hello Lucky and a host of others. You see, I hoard when I spy something I like. There are countless othes I have coveted as well.

My latest obsesion is the Chicago-based Snow & Graham. S&G product such fun yet beautiful and sophisticated cards, notes, coasters, calendars, gift wrap, letterpress (my favourite)... you could easily cover all your paper and note-giving needs with them (as I want to right now). Plus, the designs have a wicked modern-style retro thing going on... sort of like if a Scandinavian designer updated a 1970s Bungalow in the states... Some retro but mostly just cool.

And the range isn't twee, which is a problem I've run into a few times... cute cards don't cut it when you're sending a note to a business contact, unless you happen to share the same surname. 

So why not start a (good) habit today? Pick up a packet, buy a pen and put down the mobile.

Buy Snow & Graham at Fortnum & Mason in London and in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Korea and in a few online stores. 

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