Crystal Renn is Hungry no more

Crystal Renn seems to be making waves in our weight-obsessed world with the launch of her book Hungry today. She's a Missississippi-born beauty who, like most models, starved and exercied herself silly in the pursuit of success and celebrity in the fickle world of fashion. Well done to her for becoming, in the wake of it all, America's highest-paid plus-size model and now an author. The subject (weight, both loosing and gaining it) is a tireless one that we simply can't get enough of. It's not news that models go to extreme measures to look the way they do, but hopefully this tell-all will have more meat to it than a 14 year-old on the cover of Vogue. We'll be ordering it from Amazon just as soon as we get through Jean Godfrey-June's 2006 novel, Free Gift with Purchase.

If the IP laws in your country permit it, watch Crystal Renn talk about Hungry on ABC here.