Earn your sea legs at home with Voya Lazy Days

As far as beauty treatments go, it's pretty hard to re-create the real deal at home... a few candles by the side of the tub (and that's if (if) you can stand taking a bath), maybe some oils or bubbles, a scrub and a mask. You can have virtually all the bits and bobs there needed to re-create a spa at home but it still feels like home, with just a bit lower lighting and maybe a touch more fragrant.

However, I have come across a mind-bogglingly crazy product that might make home feel that much more like the spa... or the sea. If you're one of those who absolutely cringes as the feel of seaweed against the leg while swimming (followed by a quick doggy paddle as high up in the water as possible in the opposite direction to avoid any further run-ins, sort of like a cartoon), then maybe this product's not for you. If you don't mind a little tussle with the green stuff, though, then immediately buy Voya Lazy Days dehydrated seaweed... it re-hydrates (duh) in your bath! Get right in for a proper seaweed bath.

The seaweed is cut by hand by the people at Voya and apparently they've been doing this stuff for donkeys... can you think of introducing anything more foreign (yet fun!?) to your bathtub? Never before have I even imagined filling my tube with anything seaweed related unless in powder form or as an ingredient listed on the back of a bottle (which would decidedly NOT be filled with whole pieces of seaweed). I'm game though... seaweed's meant to have fantastic effects on the skin. It's full of minerals, apparently has a smoothing and tightening affect on the skin (read about all the health benefits of seaweed here). Personally, I love to eat it stuff (stop cringing, I won't eat the seaweed out of my bath) in full-on sheets (Nori) from the Japanese deli...

Back to Voya, a company I just think is the bee's knees... even if I am in no need of new products, I'd buy from them all the same, simply because I'm such a big fan. I mean, they sell hand-harvested de-hydrated seaweed for the bath!? It doesn't get much cooler than that. And, yes, lest I forget, they have an entire slew of other seaweed-rific products and a spa (if you're in Ireland any time soon). 

Who's ready to bring a little slice of the Irish mer home?