Everything that's wrong with America's attitude towards food

THE detestable Hungry Girl Show on the Cooking Channel is the epitomy of everything that's wrong with America's attitude towards food. More on this later but I'm so regularly filled with indignation every time I hear the drone of her Rachel Ray-esque voice begetting me to watch her show so I can finally eat 'guilt-free' (there's nothing GUILTY about food... I want to bitch-slap this descriptor when placed anywhere in a sentence relating to food or eating. What's it guilty of? Petty theft? Insider trading? And, for that matter, what are YOU guilty of by partaking in the simple, LIFE-SUSTAINING act of eating!?). Can you just about hear the binge-eating session being planned post-show? I mean look at that insane grin and those heaps of food... that would be enough to serve a party of 12 in food-loving France.

To my mind, the worst cooking show on television and utilizes so little real food it would be more at home in a PBS special on Chemistry than on The Cooking Channel.