EXPERT SECRETS | Alice Hart-Davis shares 3 top tips for great teen skin

BRITISH BEAUTY expert Alice Hart-Davis recently penned a beauty bible for teens with no other than her teen daughter, called Be Beautiful: Every girl's guide to hair, skin and make-up and shared a few tips on how to keep teen skin (and, let's face it, adult skin too) looking great... She says:

1. Keep it clean and moisturised: all skin needs moisture, even if it’s oily. Water and oil are two different things and however much you are trying to minimize oil production in your skin, you want to give it moisture to keep it hydrated. There are plenty of oil-free moisturisers out there."

2. "Keep it protected from ultra-violet light. That means sun-screen, worn every day. It’s not just hot sunshine that can damage the skin, it’s the slow build-up of damage done by everyday exposure to daylight. Get into the habit of wearing cream with an SPF, then you won’t have to worry so much about future wrinkles."

3. "If you suffer with acne, get professional help. Your doctor should be able to prescribe antibiotics that may help, or can refer you to a dermatologist. To docs and derms, spots are a condition that can be treated, not a rite-of-passage that you have to endure!"

Be Beautiful, by Alice Hart-Davis and Molly Hindhaugh, Walker Books, £9.99.