EXPERT SECRETS | Backs of the thighs... out of sight, out of mind

HERE'S A quick tip for all of you donning shorts and little tea dresses this season...

For all the bronzers, cellulite creams, serums, potions and lotions we buy, there's one thing we're really missing from this skincare equation -- proper application. I catch myself in this scenario all the time: vigorously rubbing into my legs said expensive cream. My calves get a good dose, the quads a bit less attention and by the time I get to the upper thighs and the backs of the thighs, I swipe my hands over them and call it a day. Seriously. And let's be honest. None of us buy leg creams for the look of our calves, do we? IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF THE BACKS OF THE THIGHS!

So, next time you get out the self-tanner, bronzer, cellulite cream, lotion, body brush or WHATEVER, pay attention -- the most attention -- to the backs of those thighs. You spend all that time, neck craned over your shoulder, staring at them in the mirror and yet... and yet we spend, oh, 90% of our product and energy on the calves and the other easy to reach and highly visible (to us) areas.

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