EXPERT SECRETS | Best hairstyling secret of 2011!

Here's a taste...

Can you tell which picture is before, which is after? If not, have those eyes checked, love. I can reveal that this costs zero dollars, requires zero product and even works on a butchered barnet that's thin and fine like mine. For real. I mean the husband hasn't titled my before bun "the pencil eraser" without cause.

The full tutorial is coming soon [tomorrow.... as my sodding USB cable has gone and hidden itself]... and we'll keep 'em coming throughout the month.

We figure our December Advent calendar this year should be a month of gifts TO YOU instead of gift ideas for others. And experiences are more fun and lasting than things anyway. Teach a man to fish girl to do her hair and all that.

[Editor's note: Please excuse the crackpot pictures. Taken post-workout with my phone. Classy, I know. but too excited to wait... or, indeed, put on makeup, or something other than workout gear for my closeup, dahling.]