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Hello lovely reader. If you have questions after reading this post, see my follow up post on DIY Sugar Waxing with answers to the most common questions asked... leave a comment if you have more questions... we'll answer it!AND We'll be putting together a video for you as well so you can see it in action! Stay tuned. We'll post here when the video is live on the site.


DO YOU ever make your own beauty products? I do, when the mood strikes or I'm bored out of my skull and don't have anything else to do (not often)... hair oil, greek yogurt and avocado face mask, calendula toner (with flowers from my garden, natch), lavender water, baking soda and coconut oil facial exfoliant... 


My favorite, though, is homemade sugar wax or DIY sugaring (whatever you cal it).

It's so quick and easy, dirt cheap (you have all the ingredients stocked in your pantry already, swear), non-toxic, hurts less than both strip and hard wax, and rinses clean off, so you don't have sticky spots on your skin when finished; it doesn't clog your pores (Hello?! It dissolves in hot water), and if you have a spill, it's super easy to get off the floor/carpet/clothes (unlike regular wax).


My little sister (the boxer-nail tech-college student) gave me this recipe after a moment of insipration struck while watching the movie Caramel.


Sugar Wax Ingredients
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup lemon juice


Seriously. That's it.  [I'm as liable to drizzle it over a slice of cake as I am to use it as a depilator.]


Simmer all ingredients in sauce pan on medium-high heat until amber, but don't scorch.
Cool until you can handle the wax without it being too runny or sticky.


  • Clean yer skin where you're planning to wax. For real. Unless you want infections or spots or any number of things.
  • When the sugar wax has cooled to the non-runny/sticky point, scoop about an 1/8 of a cup out of the pan and start to work it between your fingers until it has a bit of a pearly sheen to it and a texture like taffy (you'll know what I mean when you do it). This makes it pliable and easy to work with, which you need since you use the same piece repeatedly.  
  • Rinse off hand you're not using to wax (you'll need that to hold your glass).
  • Take a sip of wine/beer (you poured yourself a drink, right?) and make sure you've got the TV tuned to 30 Rock. 
  • Get comfy on the couch with your sugar wax in one hand, drink in the other. 
  • Load sugar wax onto thumb or index finger on non-drink hand.
  • Next, apply the wad of sugar wax directly to hair, smoothing and smooshing it away from you in a bit of a ribbon in the opposite direction of hair growth (unlike traditional wax products).
  • Then quickly (no sitting around) pull the sugar wax off your skin in direction hair grows. Be sure to work closely to the skin, not pulling the wax up and away from the skin.
  • Keep doing the same thing all over using the same ball of sugar wax. This amount works for one full arm or one half leg (depending on how hirsute you are, sister).
  • Take sip break.
  • If necessary, repeate waxing in the same area (unlike with regular wax, this stuff doesn't irritate or pull off your skin).
  • Sit back and marvel at your amazingly smooth skin.
  • Decide what you're going to do with the $50 you saved on that salon leg wax.
  • Pour a second drink to celebrate your clever DIY skills.

Frankly, that sounds like a better night, to me, than a night on the tiles... 

My age is showing, isn't it?