EXPERT SECRETS | Lisa Eldridge videos

ANYONE WITH a finger on the beauty pulse in the UK knows about the talented beauty Lisa Eldridge. She creates makeup for No. 7, styles amazing shoots for top magazines, is married to an artist whose work I adore and has her own website, populated with some of the most useful how-to videos ever to hit the internet. Which is saying something because there are gajillions of videos on the ever-growing interweb.

The lady's so thoughtful, you can even request to see certain videos (entry form is in the left sidebar), so don't fail to pipe up if there's a look or technique about which you're curious.

Bookmark this site and refer to it often. 

My favourite videos:


  1. Anti-ageing makeup eyes, brows and lips
  2. Anti-ageing makeup foundation, concealer, powder and blusher
  3. Pastel beauty trends (the model looks like a different person after, doesn't she!?)
  4. An everyday makeup look
  5. 4 ways with lipstick
  6. Dita Von Teese inspired matte lip
  7. Morning after makeup part I (Very useful)
  8. Morning after makeup part II (Very useful)


Find your favourite Lisa Eldridge video.