EXPERT SECRETS | Take a compliment

WOMEN ARE notorious for deflecting compliments with an arsenal of well-practiced, self-deprecating replies. Someone tells you that you look lovely today? It’s swiftly met with a practised list (no sleep, stressed at work, eating like a teenager) to prove that you are, in fact, just the opposite of the nice things someone’s just said about you.

But why? How often do men blush and deflect niceties? That would be never (or so it seems). In fact, it’s rare you don’t see a male chest puff with pride given even the most back-handed compliment. And more power to that bloke. It’ll be a shiny new era on earth when a woman swell with pride when a perfect stranger says something nice to her.

There’s a gap – a veritable canyon – between the way men and women receive compliments and (based on my anecdotal evidence) how confident they seem overall. It’s not difficult to ascertain there’s a link between seeming confident, being confident and liking yourself. Studies show that if you smile you’ll feel happier, even if you’re forcing the smile, right? So there’s a chance (I believe a very big chance) that the same is true of women embracing compliments...