EXPERT SECRETS | The best workout you've never heard of...

IF YOU can peel your eyes away from Zuzana Light's impressive implants and actually follow the killer workouts she's leading in her online videos, you'll have access to one of the best at-home exercise tools you'll ever use.

They're so hard you might consider them masochistic, but these vidoes are more effective than hour-long gym sessions. Sayonara Cindy Crawford and your 2-pound dumbells. I'm trading you in for Zuzana and Freddie.

Zuzana's workouts? Tough. Make-me-collapse-in-a-sweaty-mess tough. In just 12 minutes.

The diet and workout challenges they create can last days, weeks or months, giving you the chance to workout and eat alongside the ultra-sexy (and super nice) Zuzana and (quiet fit in a Johnny-Knoxville-sort-of-way) husband Freddie, meaning you're not repeating the same dull movements day in and out.

There's nothing that kills motivation quicker than boredom and that's what you'll get doing the exact same video every day. Unless you plan on buying hundreds of workout DVDs, or having a Netflix queue dedicated exclusively to the Shape series, that's what's going to happen.

Not so with, where there are new bite-sized workouts loaded constantly with hundreds of commentors testifying to just how helpful, motivating and transformational they really are.

Burpees, mountain climbers, lizard crawls, pike jumps, high knees and other old-school exercises sit side-by-side with new-fangled ways to make your muscles quiver. Backdrops can be anywhere from a rooftop in Italy to Zuzanna and Freddie's Canadian living room. Many of the workouts use just body weight for resistance. When weights and tools are used they're pretty basic... sandbags, interval times and occasional free weights. (In place of the gymbox interval timer Zuzana uses, I use my iPhone's stopwatch function.)

Try out the warm up routines or some of my favourites like the Sexy Pain Train Workout, Suicidal Sweat Workout and Crazy Home Bootcamp Workout.

Price of your gym membership gathering dust? Thousands a year.

Price of lifetime of new, fun and really hard workouts courtesy of FREE.

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Join the "home workout movement" now and feel less bloated this holiday season without having to dedicate hours to the gym and its rows upon rows of dreadmills.

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