Eye for design: Cire Trudon bust candles

As a brand, Cire Trudon has history (and style) on its side. Candle maker to Louis XIV and founded in 1643, it has enjoyed a re-birth in recent years, being stocked at Brown's Fashion and always counted as one of the most eye-catching displays in the heavenly beauty department at Barneys (each candle stands alone under a giant bell jar. Beautiful display tactics and a great way to keep the scents separate).

The coolest SKU in the range, though, has to be the bust candles. They're beautiful in a Rococo fashion (wouldn't be out of place in the Wallace Collection). The thought of the flickering glow with a drooping, melting Marie Antoinette has my heart melting along with her... in my mind. Wouldn't it look cool? It's de-constructed art at its utilitarian best - a light-giving objet d'art. Fine, fine, the site says they're for decorative purposes only, but I'd totally take my chances and light one if I had one.

And by using them, you're doing your bit for the arts, because the French museums where the busts come from are paid royalties on every candle sold.

Cire Trudon Bust Candles, starting at £39.00