EYE FOR DESIGN | Six skincare at Marionnaud

There are few, if any words, I can add to the bit that The Die Line wrote on Six, this new range of skincare being launched at Marionnaud chemist in France. One of the commenters does point out that there was a similar egg-like design with L'eggs pantyhose (I do remember these), but I don't think it's a co-opt of the design, epsecially after reading why they chose such a shape (to '[symbolize] the cell, rebirth and perfection') to encapsulate a range of skincare products. 

The Die Line says "The concept of this new french line of cosmetic products is based on the idea that beauty has six vital needs: Quench, Nourish, Breathe, Laugh, Dream and Love, so for each need there is a product: a moisturizing cream to Quench, an oxygenating gel to Breathe, a serum eyes and lips to Laugh and so on..."

This is in the same vein as some other amazingly innovative beauty products that have been launched in the last twelve months, completely re-inventing the idea of how we see and use our daily products. Ellis Faas, Fred Farrugia, Le Metier de Beaute are brands of the same innovative ilk.

We hope to see more of this imaginative and out-of-the-box thinking in beauty.

See a gallery of the six adverts for Six skincare.