FAVOURITE | sites and blog finds of 2010

AND WE'RE back.

Yep after a long, wonderful, dreamy, snow-filled holiday in 2010. And maybe a few false starts in early Jan (loathe to let the holiday go). It was unapologetically, completely removed from my life online. for. once.

I learned how to Alpine ski (laptop nowhere to be seen), snow shoed, fell on my face (once... and on video), drank far too much, wore far too many sequins, snuck into one too many hot tubs in Vail, slept more than a toddler, wore red lipstick (Rouge Bunny Rouge courtesy of Zuneta) on the ski slopes (for a dash of flair), waxed my own underarms for the first time ever (the second done many days (and drinks) after the first. Ouch). Generally I relished that stage in life where I'm old enough -- and sometimes financially stable enough -- to enjoy the finer things and don't yet have kids to cover said finer things in a film of stickiness.

I cringed when I logged on today to see the unpublished backlog of (many) posts from 2010. Erm, Intraceuticals, Cowshed Spa, heavenly Alpha-H, a tour of the Burt's Bees factory in North Caronlina... all. sorts. Instead of getting on with that (which I will, promise, one day... soon... ish), I thought a recap of 2010 in order.

Thus here we go, starting with a list of amazing websites I found, stumbled on, clicked through to via other blogs I like, etc., etc., etc. in 2010. You  might already know them and love them. You might think they're shit.

Either way, these are the sites that I obsessively check when my eyeballs aren't surgically attached to the Daily Mail website (or, as I call it, web crack).


La Tartine Gourmande - Mouthwatering recipes and photography. Taught me what to do with a Kuri squash.

Earth to Alys - Helpful videos, cool host, adorable sidekick (Jack Russell in a jumper). Makes me lust after the allotments in Queen's Wood by my old place and has caused me to put a Storm Kettle on my Christmas List for 2011.

Beauty and the Bullshit - Former beauty industry insider (on the corporate side) giving a no holds barred account of what happens behind The Wall of Silence.

Save The Words - Because I'd rather see Brochity than Frenemy in the dictionary.

Bodyrock.tv - Because I don't leave the house unless I have to after it goes below freezing (thus leaving me with the need to do something active within these four walls), and I detest the dreadmill and human hamster wheels (read: cardio machines) at the gym.

The Daily Connoseiur - Reminds me of lessoned I learned during a summer in Paris, and various other cultural observations that seem to confound non-French peeps sometimes (not to, erm, generalize the actions of an entire city of people).

Isabelle Dexter English Girl In Paris - Pithy love letter to Paris even with its many (comically described) faults.

A Model Recommends - Pretty dope model dishing on beauty. Great voice, particularly her post to Burt's bees.

But You're Like Really Pretty - 'Cuz. it's. awesome.

VitalJuice.com - As they say, like Daily Candy without the calories.

Inchmark - Former staffer at Martha Stewart has a blog. This is it. Visit for the crafts.

Stylist.co.uk - The weekly mag is a commuter godsend after the folding of London Lite and the London Paper eons ago. The site's just as good and makes it easy to quickly load the music they suggest to...

Groove Shark (or Spotify in Europe) - Free basic service lets you listen to, pretty much, any song for free.

Anti Duckface - Puts a name (and extensive gallery) to the voiceless, intense hatred I was feeling for the sexy pouts in pictures this visual travesty.