First item of business in the new year: Bottled water habit

Okay, I do have a penchant for bottled fizzy water (I covet one of those at-home fizzy water makers) but have never understood those who buy pallet upon pallet of single-use water bottles, tearing through them at the same speed Lady Gaga tears through costumes. Why!? You like it, fine. But there's something to be said for collective social responsibility, not exactly the defining feature of my generation.

Tap water has been my default drink of choice for years. Yes, there seems to be a wee bit of a problem with the fact that there are no testing standards for prescription med run-off (indeed, quite a problem in birth control-chewing Prozac Nation) and a few other doozies (like Atrazine, which is, of course, banned in the EU, still widely used in the US and quelle surprise mostly used in the midwest on corn (84% of it to be exact.) Joy.) to look out for. BUT, unless your bottled water comes straight from a pristine Swiss source, high atop an Alp (how I miss Switzerland), chances are it's about as clean as your tap water.

How do you kick your habit? Well, there;s always the at-home water filter (which I use), and you can buy a re-usable water bottle. The initial outlay is, I think, worth it. What about the chemicals that leech from plastics into the water, you say? Get one made of non-toxic substances, I say, meaning don't re-use that bottle from the pallet and certainly don't leave it roasting in the console of your car. There are metal options available as well.

If you drink bucket loads of water from a sea of plastic bottles, maybe this is the year to slow down a bit... I was on the Kor Water site recently and came across this wonderful illustration on why bottled water isn't all that great (sources for info at bottom of image). Click on it to read the full-sized copy: