FROM THE FRONT | Madonna opens first Hard Candy Fitness center in Mexico City

YE OF bulging biceps and limber legs just opened the first gym of her new international chain Hard Candy Fitness (after her last album) in a posh Mexico City neighbourhood. Clearly, this woman's earning power knows no bounds...

What do you get for the $160 monthly dues and an initiation fee that's inching towards $1,000? Apparently Madonna has personally helped craft the classes (yoga, capoeira, dance, etc.) and you get to stare at giant Lichtenstein-esque pictures of the singer (for inspiration) while breaking a sweat on the rows of workout equipment in this vast space (3,000 square meters vast). America will have to wait, although we bet the UK won't have to for as long...

Russia, Brazil, Argentia and undisclosed locations in Europe and Asia are the next spots to get their own Hard Candy gyms. The US won't see one on its soil for some time.

Hard Candy Fitness has been opened by Madoona in partnership with the founder of 24 Hour Fitness, Mark Mastrov and her manager.

The strapline on the Hard Candy Fitness website? Harder is better. Clearly the mantra by which the material girls lives by when it comes to working out. 

Get ready to work it like the Material Girl in Mexico City.