From the source: Marilyn Monroe's fitness and beauty secrets


How on god's green earth did we miss this absolute gem of a resource when my co-founders and I launched the Cult Beauty website in 2008? Would you believe we did an entire piece on the woman and never once did we have such a robust source as this original article about her beauty routine, fitness habits (yep, she exercised) etc. The imagery leaves me speechless. Grounded yet stunning photos of a classic beauty looking magnificent without all of the on-set accoutrement needed nowadays to get the already beautiful looking unattainably so. She looks the part of the perfect starlet yet a wonderfully natural (okay, bar a few procedures) specimen of what near female perfection looks like in the flesh. Of course, beauty is in the proverbial eye of the beholder and the likes of Liz Hurley have admitted to preferring certain death over a figure like Monroe. For those of us who think otherwise, I think you'll appreciate this article, borrowed from Glamournet and found via the Vintage Beauty Blog.

View slideshow here (click on the images once in the gallery to view the full size and read the copy).