GIVE | The only Japan relief fashion item I'd ever buy

THE DAILY MAIL, in a bit of accidentally lucid writing, published a piece on all the new products being brough to market at break-neck speed to support Japan post-tsunami and earthquake. The accidentally lucid part? Revealing just how much PROFIT is being made in the effort. Shame on you Rebecca Minkoff. You and Rodarte are clearly drinking the same kool-aid.

Some are donating all proceeds from the bumpf they're selling, like Stephanie Giamatti. Good on her. Some of the commentators complain that places like Haiti are still in dire straights and why aren't there more things being brought to market for them. Um... earth to the hermits. 24-hour news cycle, sadly, means that if it's not absolutely novel it's not worth talking about because it doesn't make money. Tis the way it is. Japan is new although it's shocking how quickly it's fading from the headlines. However, Haiti, with regards to this post, is neither here nor there.

You can donate money directly to the relief effort as well: "Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation and support our disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific." It shows up on your next phone bill.

Here are my requirements to buy any of the bumpf in support the relief effort. It HAS to give 100% of the PROCEEDS (and we really mean it... no creative interpretation of the word 'proceeds' and skimming a bunch off for 'overhead' costs before sending a miniscule amount as your 'proceeds') to help Japan. It has to be something useful or that I'll wear (why buy junk that'll just clutter and pollute the earth). And it has to go to a charity I don't think wastes too much money on admin (a shocking 80%, on average, of the money donated to a charity goes to running it rather than being used for the purpose you think you're donating to).

So I love and will order Opening Ceremony's Red Cross Japan Tee. They say "100% of the profits made from the sale of this t-shirt go to the American Red Cross". Did you read that, Minkoff? They even link right to the Red Cross site in case you'd rather make a direct donation. 

Opening Ceremony Red Cross Japan Tee