Good Web Guide's best beauty blogs

WE WANT to share this great little bit of recognition from the Good Web Guide more for the other amazing beauty blogs it's brought to our attention than for the fact that it included us.

We already know about British Beauty Blogger who has, I think, the biggest following among beauty blogs in the UK (at least among beauty bloggers who aren't also vloggers, because you know the Pixiwoos and Lisa Eldridge are tops in that separate category. Her no-bullshit speak about things she does and doesn't like is refreshing, as is the fact that she both brings up hard-to-broach topics and things that might be less-than flattering for her (e.g. the nasty comment community that thrives at Yahoo to which she was subjected) in a no-holds-barred approach to writing beauty. She's real and thorough and expert and loads of fun to read.

A Touch of Blusher has been my go-to source for years for news and info about Asian beauty brands and rightfully so as it seems to be the expert on such things. Rock on, PJ.

Cult Beauty I know about because, um, I co-founded it and convinced my ex-biz partners that the site needed editorial content alongside an e-shop. So it always feels good to see that included on a list (like I've been listed twice!).

But the exciting part? Four new, beautiful blogs on my favourite subject that'll be included in my regular reading rotation. Check them out:

Into The Gloss

Found, Beautiful

The Truth About Beauty

The Beauty Bite