Have we lost the art of grooming to Twitter?


RECENTLY, I wrote a post for Looking Good, No Matter What about little grooming habits (that take collectively no more than mere minutes) that greatly tidy up one's appearance. Talk about something for (almost) nothing... In any event, I had a comment that seemed symptomatic of the way so many of us are nowadays... mainly expressing the sentiment: who has time for such trivialities when we're so busy! Well, you do, for one. So do I and not because I am a beauty writer! And if you don't think you have enough time to part your hair, set the iPhone down for 10 seconds et voila! A window of time just freed itself up for your instant grooming! Without further ado, here is the original comment and my rebuttle as to why EVERY MAN AND WOMAN ON THIS PLANET has enough time to do these things, no matter how self-indulgently too busy we all are nowadays. And if you still don't believe me, then it's time to consider how wrong it is that we've become so busy (often times without purpose) that basic things like parting your hair or giving yourself a good scrub have become obnoxious time wasters.  




"Life is too short to ensure you have smooth elbows!


I’m a busy girl but I think clever quick grooming makes all the difference. I get my eyelashes dyed and eyebrows threaded for eight pounds each month, and do a mani pedi at home.


But more than that, elbows for example, or weekly manicures, who on earth has time and do women really want to be thought of as someone who spends time doing stuff like that?"




"I totally disagree! 30 seconds is all it takes to do most of the things on this list. Not even the President of the United States is so busy he couldn't take 5 minutes out of his day to swipe a bit of exfoliator over his elbows in the shower, push back his cuticles and brush his bloody hair. Therefore, neither are you (or I for that matter). 

What you miss (or perhaps I should say the point you drive home) is that people ONLY think grooming is a long, arduous process with which we too-busy-and-too-important individuals of today couldn't possibly be fussed with. It's not true and life is certainly not to short to have smooth elbows! That's like saying life's too short to apply lipstick, but I bet you do that. Or mascara, or a pretty frock...

It's about understanding that little things that take no more than minutes of your day can amount to big (POSITIVE) changes in your appearance which, like it or not, is mainly what is used to judge you by new acquaintances, whether they be professional, romantic or otherwise. And which have a direct impact on how you see yourself, whether you realise it or not. That said, you do some small things so, in the end, to each his own as long as s/he gets groomed in the end!


And in the time it takes to leave a comment on a blog, you could have exfoliated, trimmed or NAIRed a 'tasche and buffed yer nails. You see, to me, grooming is a formed habit and it's not such a pain if you chip away at it just a bit everyday. It should be a part of daily life, a ritual (even for a few minutes)...

Perhaps it's a matter of modern-day priorities. To tweet or to groom before work, that is the question.