HO HO HO | Free facial at Content Beauty/Wellbeing

AGAIN, ANOTHER no brainer gift idea. Why? Because a. it's an EXPERIENCE, which I love far more than just being gifted more stuff... everyone already has too much stuff. Give them something that they can DO and that will change the way they look instantly (that's the result you're after with all those beauty, wellness and fashion gifts anyway). Plus, did we mention, IT'S FREE. Or, I should say, free with purchase. 

You buy a gift card for one facial and you get a second facial FREE. That's insane. No one does that. If I lived closer, I would buy 5 and give the 5 free facials with purchase to all my sisters, my mom and my friend with the youngest and most numerous bebes.

The offer's available through December 20th and valid through March 2011, which, I think, is a good idea -- you'll actually go if you know there's an end date instead of holding onto the voucher until you've long forgotten about it, waiting for the exact right time to book your appointment.

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