HOW TO | 25 ways to tie a scarf

Scarf-tying brilliance from Wendy of Wendy's Look Book. Learned a few new ones. Tis the season to put these tips to use as well, ladies, so chop chop... hop to it. Knot that scarf like a French girl a professional.

Scarf arranging is a must-have skill if you want to look effortlessly stylish (and beautiful). There's a reason my polar-fleece clad countrywomen don't hold a candle to European women in the personal style stakes... okay, there are many reasons. You got me. This is one of them.

My favorites? The Mira, Waterfall, European Loop and Infinity. Though I probably shouldn't wear scarves at all due to my sturdy, squat neck. My husband, bless him and his verbal diarrhoea, likes to point out that it (my ever-'athletic' neck) looks better suited to being strapped to a yolk and plow than as the carrier of a dainty, diaphanous fashion scarf. But sod it. I love them. And spend more time quaffing flutes of champagne in dimly lit bars than frost-covered fields so I'm wearing them anyway.... Trying the Mira tomorrow, stout neck be damned.

Found via India Knight's Posterous/Tumblr.