HOW TO | Exercise for free this spring and summer

IN EUROPE, many free activities are so routinely practiced they’re simply part of daily life. Walking, for one, is as natural as breathing, whereas Americans sometimes walk as little as a few hundred steps (that’d be to the car and back) per day.

In London, I walk 4+ miles daily without ostentatious trainers and other garish accoutrement screaming to the world “I’M EXERCISING”! Invisible exercise is inevitable, running up the escalator from the Tube and heaving shopping home on foot.

To save myself from preaching to the choir, we’ve ferreted out free outdoor activities that go above and beyond the normal daily activity of a European. For my fellow Americans, the list might read ‘walk 100 feet to the shop instead of driving, stand up to turn the television channel, etc.’ but there’s no need for such hand holding here.

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