HOW TO | Fave Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorials

Lisa Eldridge is a seriously lovely lady with incredible makeup tutorials for every look imaginable. I've been watching her videos since she started and regularly post some of my favorites of her videos here. Sorry if I'm repeating myself. Can't help it. I always go back to her tutorials.

Since no-makeup makeup has been my M.O. of late but I do love a hint of color, I love her chic and simple 5-minute makeup look and this (soon to be my go-to makeup for a night out) party look, which is just a bit more glamorous than daytime no-makeup makeup but still not in-your-face.


The first look in her one lipstick many different ways is exactly what I do with some of my more vibrant lipsticks (and even tinted balms) during the day (love doing this (putting on cheeks and lips) with Burt's Bees tined balms in Rose and Red Dahlia).



Her acne cover-up tutorial is incredible. The before and after look like two different people.



One the theme of using one color all-over, she does a great video on how to work the color into the eye area as well... and love the dusty rose/mauve used.


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