HOW TO | Marble your nails

WHILE I won’t be feathering my hair any time soon, there is one ’70s beauty trend I’m game to try this spring when, apparently, we’ll all be dressing like Charlie’s Angles. That is the marbled fingernail. Goes well with platforms, roller skates, high-waisted flares and a retro baseball tee sans bra.
Marbled nails might look easy now that the likes of WAH are on the scene, but it’s not a project to be undertaken with little time or patience. The first time you do it, be prepared to spend a couple of hours — at least — toying around with process until you get it to work just right for you.

Factors that you’ll have to take into consideration — and tweak accordingly — when doing this:

Water type: hard or soft water? Figure it out. I found filtered water is best.

Nail polish types: Some brands of polish work better than others. Some won’t work together, some will. Trial and error with your set of polishes helps.

Nail polish colours: Keep color theory in mind and how pigmented your polishes are. Caramel on greige looks pretty smokin’ ’70s, but I don’t like pearlised pastels nor am I a fan of high-contrast colors.