Introducting the new

There are plenty of wonderful beauty websites out there and is one I am a regular at. Much like red-nosed alcoholics have a bar they find themselves at every night, beauty junkies spend time cruising the same beauty sites -- our virtual bars -- routinely (our laptops, our virtual bar stools)., to be perfectly honest, was somewhat outdated visually until today. There was too much going on, too many words in too small a font, not enough pretty pictures, not enough sleek navigation. It was from a different era of e-shops, one where the developers decided what the sites looked like, not the ones with vision and style.

That has changed. just relaunched this morning and this (non-surgical) facelift is one of the best I've seen. It's a shame the same can't be said for human faces with lifts. And there's plenty to buy, plenty to do. No doubt it's sticky (a good term in the web world). I'm stuck on it right now... have been all afternoon.

My favourite parts: The thumbnails at the bottom, beauty talk, brand focus, ask our experts, hqdiscoveries is SO much easier to navigate.

Not so favourite parts: Drop-down brand selector menu, fluro-coloured navigation on top (and the hover effect).

Visit to see all their new features. To celebrate the launch, is offering £5 off your shopping with NO minimum spend from noon tomorrow so log in and save a fiver.