JET-SET BEAUTY | Don't weep for out-of-work Angels... Miranda, Gisele, Heidi et al pay the bills with skincare



HEIDI KLUM, Cindy Crawford, Josie Maran, Christy Turlington... models and ex-models alike apparently know a thing or two about beauty and chemistry, or so it seems. Because they're the minds -- or at least the faces -- behind quite a few successful skincare ranges. Not one to rest on her holier-than-thou, childbirth-only-hurts-for-plebs haunches, Gisele launched a range of her own organic skincare goodness today called Sejaa.

Other out-of-work Victoria's Secret Angels don't need our sympathy either, as I recently found skincare company KORA by Miranda Kerr, the Australian amour of man-boy Orland Bloom. Like many of the other catwalk stalkers, her range is organic and she has a crap copy editor who uses words like NOURISH (how?)... REPLENISH (what?)... Give me a REAL verb. Words like nurture, nourish, replenish, boost et al make me foam at the mouth when I read beauty-related content littered with such meaningless fluff.

Kerr studied at the Academy of Natural Living (no word on whether there was a degree or any sort of professional certification received) so there is some background in the area, which is heartening to see. The price point is a shade high, there are 14 products including a tinted moisturiser. The 4 best sellers are the Rosehip oil, tinted moisturiser, foaming cleanser and body lotion.

But back to Sejaa Pure Skincare, the range by Gisele, which launched today. This is at least the 3rd line launched by an Angel and it's thankfully tiny. There's day cream, night cream and a mud mask (although I suspect Gisele uses a few more things). The ingredient lists, while not offensive the way some *organic* ingredient lists can be, are pretty bog standard. That said, I did espy Retinyl Palmitate about half way down the list on the night cream, and one of the main ingredients (read: number 2) in the day cream is Aloe, so on first appearance not all bad.

One thing is for sure, though, and that is this girl is very pretty (regardless of rhinoplasty, etc.) and charismatic -- naturally so -- and that comes across in the videos where she's actually putting on the cream (not something one sees all that much of on the other sites). Bet it'll be a huge hit in her native Brazil.

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