JET-SET BEAUTY | Elemis Custom Flying Facial

BRITISH AIRWAYS Elemis Travel Spa at Heathrow's Terminal 3 is – if you can find it – an oasis of calm just steps away from the retail overkill that now typifies the captive experience on this side of airport security. It has an otherworldly, serene atmosphere as soon as you step through the threshold, and I am immediately handed a cucumber-infused glass of water by a soft-spoken receptionist who simultaneously and deftly helps a relaxed male passenger checkout (clearly, he'd just finished up at the spa).

The pint-sized treatment rooms here are separated by diaphanous (yet still opaque enough) curtains, each equipped with an Intelligent Massage Chair and the undulating walls and gently flowing coloured lights (in calming hues) of a real, luxury spa.

My chair is fully reclined, massage setting turned on (heaven on the calves before several hours of sitting) and the therapist spends a very relaxed 15 minutes cleansing, massaging and moisturising my skin so much so that it remains plumped all the way to JFK. A few sample tubes make their way into my carry-on too. If you plan ahead (booking in your own 15-minute treatment), you'll be able to ditch the dopp kit in your checked baggage instead of lugging it around the airport because Elemis will arm you with the requisite beauty weapons to battle cabin dryness.

All treatments are just 15 minutes so you won't accidentally miss a flight mid-massage. I suppose if you're really jet-set, you'd simply prop yourself up at your airline lounge bar having missed a flight, champers in hand, and wait for the next one. Or you could circle back to the Elemis Travel Spa for a second treatment on the very Intelligent Massage Chair.

Experience the Custom Flying Facial at Elemis's Travel Spa in Heathrow Terminal 3, Terminal 5 and JFK (Contact individual travel spas for pricing).