JET-SET BEAUTY | La Mer The Concentrate


CREME DE LA MER, the equally lauded and vilified anti-ageing brand of choice among beauty slaves of a certain age and socioeconomic bracket, did not register on my personal beauty radar until early 2010. Yes, yes, I was aware of noise and ado about it all, whether it was worth the stratospheric asking price, whether it worked, blah, blah, blah. I was just not all that interested. That was until I tried The Concentrate and now, dear ladies, I sheepishly admit to you that I am hooked. Yes, that's right. Hooked. 

It has the most velvety texture and glides onto the skin more smoothly than my full English slides off a Teflon pan in the morning. It seems to quell the redness (at least for me. Sensitive skin + Rosacea, anyone?) and my skin looks remarkably smoother (hello, soft focus) post-use. And it feels soft. Like the downy fur of kittens or Tiger's resolve. I carry travel-sized vials of it with me to the gym, in case I need a top up mid-stride or after a good steam. In fact, there's always a little bottle in my purse, gym or no gym. 

Rather than being a staple, The Concentrate is like an added bonus for your skincare. Not entirely necessary but game changing, certainly. It's like the Ivy League/Oxbridge degree equivalent of skincare.

Anyway, if there's anything jet-set in this life, it's a crystal clear complexion... even if spent in a 17.2" seat.

La Mer The Concentrate 1.7 for $350.00 or 50ml for £266.00

[Editor's note: I'm still searching for a full list of ingredients (and will probably swing by a department store later today or shot the PR an email). Ingredients aside, my anecdotal, personal experience with this stuff has been great.]